#ProgressGuitar | Update on “Für Elise” (Y1/W1)


Hello everyone,

this is my mid-week update for Y1/W1. I’m still head over heel with “Für Eliseby Ludwig van Beethoven. It’s a pretty piece but at the same, also quite tricky due to its key changes. This video shows my progress after three days. I’ve just completed the first section of the piece and will start with the second one today.

In total there are three parts to cover before I can finish the piece so it is still a long way to go before I can add this to my repertoire. However, I will give my best to finish it in time and provide a #vLog update at the end of this week.

Stay tuned!



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#Log 1 | Hello and welcome!

Hello everyone,

thanks for visiting my blog. As the year comes to its end I want to start out with my very first post. This is meant as a weekly #Log/vLog that is going to summarize what I’ve done during the week, how I practiced, what I practiced and what songs I’ve studied. In addition, I will write down what I will focus on the upcoming week. At the time of writing and most likely for the upcoming years there will be a weekly rotation between styles that I am currently looking at.

Check the list at the end of this post to see which styles I am currently studying. Besides having weekly #Logs/#vLogs I will also publish my own songs (sheet music) as well own practice sheets that I created to accompany my walk towards learning various instruments.

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