Hello everyone,

if you are new to this site and wonder what it is all about then keep reading. On this page I will explain who I am and what I plan on doing with this page.

I’m Lukas, at the time of writing, a 27 year old student from Munich, Germany.  A few years ago  I started out on music by purchasing a digital piano (a Yamaha P-105). This was my very first instrument on which I learnt literally everything from scratch, how notes are called, what note lenghts mean etc. As I moved on, music fascinated me more and more and so I decided to experience more facettes of this very interesting hobby of mine that I grew a very close connection to. After I had to pause due to studies and living abroad I haven’t really moved on or practiced for 2 years, resulting in stagnation. I hardly did anything with music. But somewhere around 2015 I bought myself a guitar, but never really found the time to practice much on it so it wasn’t until January 2016 in which I really gave it a try and started to study how to play the guitar and relaunched my piano playing. I immediately regretted that I had delayed this active engagement with the instrument. The first few months I’ve followed an immensively valuable guitar course that is available on the internet. JustinGuitar.com is a course I can recommend to everyone who is interested in learning the guitar. So the first few months I had followed his course but had soon to discover that my passion lies within Fingerstyle! I’m still following his course from time to time and try to catch up with the material on his site and his books but I rather stick to fingerstyle-related material right now.

Anyway, as I progressed on the guitar I felt that I wanted to learn even more instruments. After a bad purchase in which I had acquired an instrument that was almost impossible to keep in tune I got myself a violin from Thomann.de, one if not even the biggest music shop in Europe! With the help of this new violin I hope to be able to make my first steps into learning the violin.

So what is this page all about? Well, it is a personal test if an adult is capable of learning multiple instruments and learn how to sing. On this page I will track my progress, write down what I am working on each week/month and what I discover and learn.  Then, once I think that I’ve grasped and understood a certain topic I will make a video in which I’m explaining the topic.

In addition to that I am reviewing music-related material such as books, dvds, online courses but also sites, software and instruments.

If you are interested in this journey of mine or if you are also someone (maybe even an adult) who already started out on an instrument or is interested in learning one of those above, I would really appreciate if you would follow me on socials and check out this page from time to time to be informed about new updates.

I wish you all the best.