On this page you will find all the reviews that I will accumulate starting from February 2017. I generally publish between two and four reviews a month. Here you will find music related books, DVDs as well as online courses and online sites that are dedicated to music.



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Online Courses

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Truefire.com & John Fillmore : Soleares Flamenco Guidebook

Truefire.com & Adrian Legg : Fingerstyle Revisionist: Adagio Songbook

Truefire.com & Peppino D’Agostino : Acoustic Poetica: Fingerstyle Etudes

#Let’s Review | 30 Beginner Fingerstyle Blues Licks You Must by David Hamburger and Truefire.com

#Let’s Review | Essentials: Chet Atkins Style by Muriel Anderson and Truefire.com

3D Acoustic Guitar by Vicki Genfan and Truefire.com

50 Right Hand Techniques You Must Know by Muriel Anderson and Truefire.com


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