For the upcoming two weeks I’ve planned on a more traditional classical piece that I’ve recently heard and wanted to play.

As far as the technique goes I am planning on learning that fast arrpeggio that is many classical guitarists perform. That’s something I found highly interesting but at the same time something I only achieved in a very basic form. That’s why I wanted to get the right speed and practice that as well! I think it’s called the “Tremolo technique”.

Theorywise I am going to revise my notes on songwriting as well as the chords from my own chord book to see and apply the theory on chords that I’ve learnt so far.



  1. “Bourree” – by J. S. Bach
  2. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star – by Mozart


  1. Fretboard Mastery
  2. Chords (1st Year chord book)
  3. Scales (Major Scales)
  4. Intervalls
  5. Keys


  1. Warm-Up Etudes
  2. Scales (C major, G major)
  3. Chords (Power Chords)
  4. Rhythm ( ♩ – ♫ – ♩ – ♫)
  5. Tremolo

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