Year 0 – Month 1 – Week 1+2

Violin | Update week 1

  • Repertoire
    • Basic etudes to practice bow division and basic rhythm pattern
    • “Ode to Joy / Ode an die Freude” by Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Theory
    • Thumb and left hand placement
    • Finger Action of the left hand
    • Finger action and finger pressure
    • 2-3 finger spacing pattern
  • Technique
    • Warm-Up:
      • Open bow strings & “Bordun-Marsch”
    • Bow distribution
      • Playing in the middle of the bow
      • Playing at the frog
      • Playing at the tip of the bow
    • Adding the fingers to the bow strokes


Alright then. I slowly start to get a feeling for the bow and the tone it produces though it is far from being perfect. I’ll continue with the schedule from above since I feel it contains a good amount of techniques that I need to work on. I very much like the exercice in which I focus on the different parts of the bow. I’ve learnt “Ode to Joy” as an accompaniment and now I’m going to work out how to play the melody line (it’s written as a duet). Once I’ve got this down I will try to record myself playing the melody line as well as accompanying myself with the piano and the violin!

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