Year 1 – Week 4


  • Repertoire
    • Film Music:
      • “Honor Him” by Hans Zimmer
  • Theory
    • Repeating proper right hand and left hand technique
    • Basic Major Chords
    • Sight reading
  • Technique
    • Legato
    • Chord Practice: D & A
    • Basic rhythm pattern:
    • Major Scale: C (up and both with each hand individually and then synchronized)


Okay, here we go. I managed to learn Hans Zimmer’s “Honor Him” completely.  It’s really great and I love the tune a lot! It’s mysterious, a bit dark but at the same time emotionally packed. Really a great piece!

The theoretical part consisted mainly of revisiting my posture. I adjusted some small details concerning my wrist which I’ve been used to bend a bit or rather bounce a bit while playing. I’ve also started with comping (accompanying), therefore playing mainly the rhythm part on the piano – a really good way to practice chords! 😉

For my technique I’ve mainly tried to focus on the basics. I’ve picked a new tune for the upcoming week on the violin and I would like to accompany myself with the piano. Therefore I’ve been practicing the D and A chords (the basic triads).

Besides that I’ve also started revisiting “Die Russische Klavierschule” (ger. “The russian piano method”). The tunes start on a very very basic level but they are great to get the basics down and revisit them (in particular my biggest weakness, sight reading!).

And that pretty much summarizes my first month of the second year ! 🙂


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