I just noticed that I had kept this one on “draft” for the whole week, thus the late publishing. 🙂 Sorry !


Year 0 – Week 4

Violin | SUMMARY



  • Repertoire
    • Basic etudes to practice bow division and basic rhythm pattern
    • “Little Suite” (Bordun-Marsch) by Franz  Kanefzky
  • Theory
    • Repeating the fundamentals from above
  • Technique
    • Warm-Up:
      • Open bow strings
    • Bow & violin hold
      • Playing in the middle of the Bow
      • Playing at the Tip of the Bow
      • Bowing at the Frog
      • Playing at the Frog and Tip
      • Thumb and Left Hand Placement
      • Finger Action of the Left Hand
      • String Crossings
      • Whole bow strokes


Alright, this week was pretty good! I managed to practice a lot despite my huge exam coming up in about 15 days. I’ve practiced on keeping track with the bow, playing mainly in the middle of it. Also keeping the box up all the time was also quite a bit of a challenge since I had to adjust my arm movements quite a lot.

I’ve once again read through the fundamentals, feeling pretty confident now that I’ve got this down. I’ll move on and get some new stuff on the agenda, namely the other parts of the bow as well as basic finger spacing pattern.

I’ve also managed to learn a new piece together, consisting only of very easy and basic notes. “Little Suite – Bordun-Marsch” by Franz Kanefzky is a fine tune that I will most likely use as a warm-up or bowing etude from now on.

That’s for my first month! I’ve recorded some stuff but will only be able to publish it later on once my exam is over so you can see my progress.


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