For the upcoming two weeks I’ve planned on a more traditional classical piece that I’ve recently heard and wanted to play.

As far as the technique goes I am planning on learning that fast arrpeggio that is many classical guitarists perform. That’s something I found highly interesting but at the same time something I only achieved in a very basic form. That’s why I wanted to get the right speed and practice that as well! I think it’s called the “Tremolo technique”.

Theorywise I am going to revise my notes on songwriting as well as the chords from my own chord book to see and apply the theory on chords that I’ve learnt so far.



  1. “Bourree” – by J. S. Bach
  2. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star – by Mozart


  1. Fretboard Mastery
  2. Chords (1st Year chord book)
  3. Scales (Major Scales)
  4. Intervalls
  5. Keys


  1. Warm-Up Etudes
  2. Scales (C major, G major)
  3. Chords (Power Chords)
  4. Rhythm ( ♩ – ♫ – ♩ – ♫)
  5. Tremolo


Hey there,

for the first week of March I’m going to slow it down a bit since I feel that sometimes my technique slips and lacks strength. For that I will try to focus more on basics and also easier songs that might help me out there. For this I am going to repeat the songs I’ve learnt so far so make sure that while I work on my technique I am improving the quality of those pieces as well.


  1. Blood Ritual / Moonlight Serenade – by Klaus Badelt
  2. Returning Home – James Newton Howard
  3. Bard & Family –
  4. Honor Him
  5. In Dreams – by Fran Walsh & Howard Shore


  1. Sight Reading
  2. Chords
  3. Scales
  4. Keys
  5. Intervals
  6. Russische Klavierschule Vol. 1


  1. Warm-Up Etudes (Finger Power 1 & Béla Bartók’s Mikrokosmos 1)
  2. Scales (C scale, Bb)
  3. Chords (F, C/E, Dm, Bb, Gm/D, Am/C, Gm/D, C, F/C, F5)
  4. Rhythm (Whole base with quarter notes)



now that my exams are over I’m finally able to write again. The last two weeks I’ve literally just been practicing on my basics as long as I found time in between my studies and work.

The planning for the next week (also marking the beginning of March 2017) will be the following:

Violin Practice Schedule – (Y0/M2/W1)


  1. Ode to Joy – by Ludwig van Beethoven
  2. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star


  1. Posture and violin hold
  2. Bowing arm
  3. String crossing
  4. Thumb and Left Hand Placement
  5. Finger Action of the Left Hand
  6. Finger Action and Finger Pressure
  7. 2-3 Finger Spacing Pattern


  1. Warmup etudes (Playing in the middle, at the tip and the frog of the bow)
  2. Scales
  3. Rhythm
  4. Intonation
  5. Bow strokes (middle, frog, tip, half strokes, whole strokes)
  6. Spacing Pattern


Year 0 – Month 1 – Week 1+2

Violin | Update week 1

  • Repertoire
    • Basic etudes to practice bow division and basic rhythm pattern
    • “Ode to Joy / Ode an die Freude” by Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Theory
    • Thumb and left hand placement
    • Finger Action of the left hand
    • Finger action and finger pressure
    • 2-3 finger spacing pattern
  • Technique
    • Warm-Up:
      • Open bow strings & “Bordun-Marsch”
    • Bow distribution
      • Playing in the middle of the bow
      • Playing at the frog
      • Playing at the tip of the bow
    • Adding the fingers to the bow strokes


Alright then. I slowly start to get a feeling for the bow and the tone it produces though it is far from being perfect. I’ll continue with the schedule from above since I feel it contains a good amount of techniques that I need to work on. I very much like the exercice in which I focus on the different parts of the bow. I’ve learnt “Ode to Joy” as an accompaniment and now I’m going to work out how to play the melody line (it’s written as a duet). Once I’ve got this down I will try to record myself playing the melody line as well as accompanying myself with the piano and the violin!


Year 1 – Month 1 – Week 1


  • Repertoire
  • Theory
    • Repeating proper right hand and left hand technique
    • Basic Major Chords
    • Sight reading
  • Technique
    • Legato
    • Chord Practice: D & A
    • Basic rhythm pattern:
    • Major Scale: C (up and both with each hand individually and then synchronized)


I haven’t done much besides accompanying myself on the violin this week due to the exam. However, I have set plans for a new piece for (Y1/M1/W2)! It’s going to be “Misty Mountains”. I’ll also try to keep a 2-week-cycle on the piano and do an update at the end of the first week.

Year 1 – Month 1 – Week 2


  • Repertoire
    • Film Music: “Misty Mountains” by David Donaldson, David Long, Steve Roche & Janet Roddick
  • Theory
    • Key signatures
    • Basic Major Chords
    • Sight reading
  • Technique
    • Legato
    • Chord Practice: Gm, Dm, Am, Bb, F, Fsus4
    • Basic rhythm pattern: 4/4 quarter notes & 8th notes

#PROGRESSLOG | Guitar (Y1/M1/W1)

Year 1 (2017) – Month 1 –  Week 1

Guitar | SUMMARY

  • Repertoire
    • Classical: “Für Elise” – Part C (last part)
  • Theory
    • Scale: C Major Scale
    • Chords: F, Am (with 1st and 2nd inversion), C/G
  • Technique
    • Accentuating the base line
    • Scale: C Major Scale
    • Chords: F, Am, C/G
    • Rhythm: 3/4 8th pattern


Okay this week I slowed it down a little bit due to the exam. I’ve also written one during the week, therefore I haven’t really been able to do as much during the first part of this week. However, I did a bit more towards the end. I’ve kept practicing the C Part of “Für Elise” to finally been able to connect all the dots and complete the piece. The rest (i.e. technique and theory) was mainly build around that very part. I’ll also extent the schedule for the next week to finish the piece completely. I want to try out a new time frame consisting of two-week cycles instead of 1. I’ll test how it goes and whether I can progress faster following that planning.

Year 1 (2017) – Month 1 –  Week 2


  • Repertoire
    • Classical: “Für Elise” – Part C (last part)
    • Spanish: “Spanish Pedal Tones” by “Guitar-in-a-nutshell”
  • Theory
    • Scale: C Major Scale
    • Chords: F, Am (with 1st and 2nd inversion), C/G, E7
  • Technique
    • Scale: C Major Scale
    • Chords: F, Am, C/G
    • Rhythm: 3/4 8th pattern


The next week I am going to focus on finishing the piece as well as getting the building blocks around that under my finger tips. Depending on how long it will take and whether or not I will have time besides revisiting the stuff for my state exam I’ll try to include a piece out of my spanish course as well!