#Log 1 | Hello and welcome!

Hello everyone,

thanks for visiting my blog. As the year comes to its end I want to start out with my very first post. This is meant as a weekly #Log/vLog that is going to summarize what I’ve done during the week, how I practiced, what I practiced and what songs I’ve studied. In addition, I will write down what I will focus on the upcoming week. At the time of writing and most likely for the upcoming years there will be a weekly rotation between styles that I am currently looking at.

Check the list at the end of this post to see which styles I am currently studying. Besides having weekly #Logs/#vLogs I will also publish my own songs (sheet music) as well own practice sheets that I created to accompany my walk towards learning various instruments.


I will most likely start with #vLogs in about a week or two, depending on how long it will take to finish my home studio. Furthermore I will most likely release the first review towards the end of January and then two or three per month. Last but no least, I will also publish articles, covering various parts of basic music theory, how to write songs, a fundamentals series for the guitar, piano and the violin etc.

If you want to stay tuned and get notified once new content is being published, make sure to connect with me on the following social media sites.







I will use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ to announce new releases and Soundcloud and YouTube to publish new songs, vLogs, lessons, reviews etc.



At the time of writing I am learning the piano (2 years of playing, however, with a two-year break due to living and working abroad), the guitar (1 year of playing) and the violin (literally 1st week). Furthermore I try to improve on vocals to be able to sing along to my tunes.

Down below you find the styles/genres that I mainly try to focus on on each instrument:

Guitar (Fingerstyle)

  • Classical
  • Spanish / Flamenco
  • Fingerstyle Blues
  • Fingerstyle Jazz
  • Percussive Fingerstyle


  • Classical
  • Movie/Game themes
  • Pop


  • Classical
  • Movie/Game themes
  • Pop


December summary

Since the month and year is nearly at its end I will briefly summarize what I practiced the whole month and give an outline of what I plan on doing in January 2017.

Guitar Summary

  • Repertoire
    • Classical:
      • “Oh Christmas Tree”
      • “Silent Night” (arr. by Gareth Evans),
      • “Greensleeves”
    • Blues:
      • “Down on the Delta”
    • Jazz:
    • Spanish/Flamenco:
      • “First Piece”,
      • “A Challenge”
    • Others:
      • “[St]ill in my heart (Original)  [Percussive Fingerstyle]
  • Theory
    • Fretboard Mastery:
      • All the notes within the first 15 frets
    • Chords
      • All basic open chords (of which notes they consist and how they are changed to form basic inversions)
      • Amadd9,
    • Scales
      • Major Scale (C, G)
      •  Minor Pentatonic Scale (1st box)
    • Key signatures
      • C, D, E, F, G, A, B
  • Technique
    • Warm-Up
      • Spider-Exercise: Funk-exercise provided by Will Ripley from JamPlay.com! A great one to practice this in a musical way.
    • Scales
      • Major Scale (C, G)
      • Minor Pentatonic Scale (1st box, all keys)
    • Chords Practice
      • Am, Amadd9, Cadd9, G, G7, Fmaj7, F (flamenco), E7b9
    • Rhythm
      • Basic 4/4 fingerstyle pattern
      • 4/4 1st syncopated rhythm
    • New Technique
      • Basic percussion elements


Year 2 (2017) – Week 1

Guitar Outline

  • Repertoire
    • Classical:
      • “Für Elise” by Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Theory
    • Scales:
      • Major Scale (D, A, F, B)
      • Minor Pentatonic Scale (2nd box)
    • Chords:
      • Am, E, F
    • Key signatures
      • Repeating C, D, E, F, G, A, B
    • Intervals
      • Root to perfect 8th
  • Technique
    • Spider exercise
    • Scale practise
      • Major Scale(D, A, F, B)
    • Chord Practice
      • Am, E, F
    • Rhythm Practice
      • Standard 4/4 fingerstyle pattern (4)
    • New Technique
      • Basic percussive elements


Piano Summary – 

  • Repertoire
    • Classical:
      • “Dear old Santa Claus” (Original) by Lukas Wedrychowski
    • Movie/Game:
      • “Returning Home” (Hunger Games) by James Newton Howard
  • Theory
    • Sight Reading
      • Basic exercices with children songs
    • Chords
      • Basic chords without extensions
    • Scales
      • Major Scale (C, G)
  • Technique
    • Warm-Up
      • Finger exercises from “Fingerkraft 1”
    • Scales
      • Major Scale (C, G)
    • Chords
      • C, D, E, F, G, A, B
    • Rhythms
      • Basic 4/4 Rhythm
      • 4/4 Basic rhyhtms with 8ths on various beats (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th)
    • New Technique
      • Arpeggios


Piano Outline – Year 2 – Week 1

  • Repertoire
    • Film Music:
      • “Blood Ritual / Moonlight Serenade” by Klaus Badelt
  • Theory
    • Repeating proper right hand and left hand technique
    • Basic chords (without extensions)
    • Sight reading
  • Technique
    • Legato
    • Chord Practise: A, F


Violin Summary 

  • Repertoire
    • Classical:
      • “Silent Night” (I can play it through, however, it isn’t good yet)
  • Theory
    • Basic elements of a violin
    • Open string names
    • bow hold
    • violin hold
    • rosining the bow
    • adjusting the bon musica
    • restrining the violin
  • Technique
    • Bow hold exercise


Violin Outline – Year 1 – Week 1

  • Repertoire
    • Classical
      • “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”
      • “Silent Night” (completing it)
  • Theory
    • Repeating the fundamentals from above
  • Technique
    • Warm-Up:
      • Open bow strings
    • Bow & violin hold
      • Bow division
      • Bow geometry
      • Bow arm
      • Thumb and Left Hand Placement
      • Finger Action of the Left Hand


Vocals Summary

  • Theory
    • Course Introduction – General concepts
      • Core
      • Posture
      • Lips



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